Q: Do I need to do an Induction

A: If you have never climbed before then you will need to complete an induction with one of our trained staff members to learn how to use the centre safely.


Q: Do I need to do an Induction if I’ve been to a Clip ‘n’ Climb?

A: Yes, our centre is very different to a Clip ‘n’ Climb centre and requires different safety knowledge.


Q: What should I wear?

A: Any sort of comfortable gym or sportswear is ideal, something that you can move around in freely.


Q: Can I hire climbing shoes?

A: Yes we have a large range of hire shoes available from infant size 10 up to adult size 13.


Q: Why do I have to wear climbing shoes?

A: Outdoor footwear is not permitted on the climbing surface. This is for hygiene reasons as you use the same holds for your hands and feet and we don’t want outside dirt from your shoes getting on the climbing holds. You will also have a better experience as climbing shoes are specially designed for climbing with a sticky rubber sole to make climbing easier.


Q: Is there somewhere to leave my bike?

A: Yes, we have 4 bike stands just inside our entrance.


Q: Do you sell food?

A: Yes, our café provides hot and cold drinks and snacks such as chocolate bars, flapjacks, crisps, fruit, protein bars and noodles. We currently do not provide any cooked foods.


Q: Is there anywhere to get changed?

A: Yes we have separate Male and Female changing rooms.


Q: Is there somewhere I can have a shower/wash?

A: There is no shower at the centre but we do have a foot bath in each changing room to wash your feet. Don’t forget to bring a towel.


Q: Is there anywhere to leave my bag and valuables?

A: There are plenty of storage boxes to leave your bags in within the main climbing centre. Valuables are left at your own risk.


Q: Is it just for Kids?

A: Our centre is certainly not just for kids but for all ages and abilities. We have a large range of climbs at all grades with some specifically designed for small children right the way through to World Cup difficulty problems.


Q: Is it just for very experienced climbers as there are no ropes?

A: No, our centre is designed for all ages and abilities with lots of different angles catering for all levels. Just because there are no ropes doesn’t mean it is dangerous and our centre has been built so beginners can have just as much fun as world class climbers. See the ‘What is bouldering?’ page for further details.


Q: Do I have to be fit and ‘sporty’?

A: No, not at all. Climbing is a perfect way to start getting active and get into shape if that’s what you’re after. It is a great all body work out and it is also a mentally challenging activity where you will have to ‘problem solve’ how best to get to the top of the climb. It is also a great way to take your mind off any other stresses you might have in your life as it is a very absorbing activity which requires a lot of concentration.


Q: I want to climb with my child during public times but do not want to do the induction as I am not keen to climb. How can I be involved?

A: Your child will need to complete a junior induction and then attend our weekly pay as you go junior clubs. We encourage parents to get involved and support their child during the instructed sessions. Alternatively, you can book a family taster session.


Q: I am a student, under 18, living away from home and therefore my parent cannot be present to give consent for me to climb unsupervised. What should I do?

A: We can contact your parent or guardian on the day you register for verbal consent or you can ask them to email us to request a junior registration form and they can give written consent for you to climb unsupervised. Email info@boulderuk.co.uk to obtain the form.


Q: I am a registered climber and wish to bring two children under the age of 9 as my guest. Can I climb with them or can I only supervise?

A: Unfortunately, if either of your guest are under the age of 8 years old, you must supervise them at all times. You may only climb alongside your two junior guest if both have completed a junior or family induction. Please see our supervising a guest page for more details.