First birthday party

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Boulder UK first birthday party


Sunday 2nd September


Sunday the 2nd of September will be Boulder UK’s first birthday, come and celebrate this milestone with us.  On the day there will be a friendly adult comp where everyone competes together (no split categories, children are welcome to enter, rules are listed below).

As well as the adult comp there will be a junior comp for all our junior club members (ages 8 to 13).

Afterwards at 6pm we will be heading to Beer Brothers (335 Ranglet Rd, Walton Summit Centre, Preston PR5 8AR), anyone is welcome to join in and come along.



Adults: entrance fee &  £2 score card.

Juniors: club members comp £5, pre-registration required (enquire at reception).



• Junior club members comp 10:45am-1pm

• Adults 3pm-6pm

• Drink and cake at beer brothers after the comp


Comp rules

• Our Birthday competition will be held on our La Sportiva Competition wall and the slabs opposite.
• It will start at 3pm and finish at 6pm on Sunday 2nd September.
• There will be 20 problems to try; 14 on the competition wall and 6 on the slabs.
• This competition will be slightly different to normal. You will be able to try the problems as many times as you like to try to complete the problem during the competition times.
• Each problem will be broken down into sections. Points will be awarded for how high a competitor gets on each problem.
• To claim a top of a problem the top hold must be held with 2 hands, in control.
• If a problem is ‘flashed’ (the top is reached on your first go) then you will be awarded 11 points.
• 10 points will be awarded if a competitor gets to the top of a problem on any attempt after the flash go.
• There will be numbers next to selected holds on each problem indicating how many points will be awarded for holding those particular holds in control.
• Each competitor can only claim points for the highest scoring hold they reach for each problem, with a maximum of 11 points being awarded if the problem is flashed and 10 points if it is topped on any go after a flash go.