Junior Clubs

Junior Clubs

We deliver a comprehensive junior climbing programme with clear development pathways for every child that focuses on talent development.  Our junior awards scheme (ages 8+) allows young people to learn and progress at their own pace and are rewarded for their efforts with certificates and other incentives.

In order to join our programme, children who have no previous experience must complete a induction course relevant to their age.  Upon completion of this, they can then register with the centre and attend one of our club sessions which can be booked through this page.

Within the clubs, children will have the opportunity to continue to work towards our scheme of work. Upon completion of the bronze stage, juniors will be invited to attend one of our structured Bloc Masters sessions to progress their climbing skill.  These sessions are booked in 6 week blocks.  Please read below for further details:


Induction course

Children who are new to climbing or have little experience must complete a junior induction course.

Age 14+

See adult induction.

Ages 8 to 13 (Junior Induction)
x2 week course
This course consists of two 1 hour sessions and covers safety, hold identification, basic technique and how it all works.  Children will be awarded with a certificate upon successful completion of the course and can then join one of our clubs.

Ages 5 to 7 (Mini Induction)
1 hour course
A one hour session that covers safety and how it all works for infants that wish to join our Mini B.UK Club

Under 5 (Toddlers)

See our Teeny Rockers sessions


See below for the next available booking dates for one of the above induction courses.



Climbing CLUBS

Includes shoe hire

Upon completion of an induction course, juniors can join one of supervised club sessions and can continue to work towards our awards scheme and progress as a climber. Please only book on to these session below if your child has completed an induction course.

B:UK Minis (PAYG) ~ Ages 5 to 7 years

This club is for our youngest climbers and focuses on the fundamental aspects of our sport through fun games and challenges.  A ‘Mini’ Induction MUST be completed prior to joining this club.


Club B:UK (PAYG) ~ ages 8 +


Bloc Masters ~ Ages 8 to teens

This club is for children who want to learn more about bouldering and how to improve their skills. These sessions are delivered by one of our experienced coaches who know a thing or two about youth development and how to become the best climbers they can possibly be.

Clubs run at the weekends and during the week and there will be a good choice of days and times to chose from upon completion of the bronze award. These clubs have no more than 6 children in a class and are split by age and ability.  We have teen sessions for those aged 13 plus.

Fees: Bloc Masters are payable in 6 week blocks at £36. You will need to re enrol your child before the start of each 6 week block. Places will be reserved for existing members.




Our junior team is made up of our most talented climbers who receive specialised coaching in order to represent Boulder UK on the competition scene. Boulder UK is perhaps one of the most well know teams on the competition circuit due to the success of the individual team members with 5 members who have gone on to represent Team GB. If your child shows potential, they will be invited to attend one of our youth development teams with the option of some individual coaching from one of our highly skilled climbing coaches. For more information about our academy, see our academy page.


Q: My child has attended a club at another centre, do they need to do an induction course?
A: If your child has been climbing for less than 3 months, we advise that a Boulder UK induction is completed so that they understand how to use our centre safely and the instructor can access their current ability. If your child has been climbing regularly for more than 6 months, please contact us with further information about their existing experiences so we can suggest which club for them to join.

Q: I want to book my child on to a Bloc Masters session but we will be away for 2 of the 6 weeks. Can I be owed a session?
A: Unfortunately not. In order for children to improve and for coaches to run structured sessions, we recommend attending regularly. The 6 week block fee is still our best value for the additional coaching your child will receive. If you are unable to attend regularly, the PAYG session my be more suitable.

Q: Does my child have to wear climbing shoes?
A: Yes, no other footwear should be used on the climbing surface.  Climbing shoes have a sticky rubber sole which helps the climber utilise footholds and improve their climbing abilities.

Q: Can my child attend more than once a week?
A: Children can attend as many clubs as they like, providing they are registered on each club.

Q: How many Club BUK session can I book?
A: You can book your child on to as many sessions as you like.

Q: How long will it take for my child to complete their bronze award?
A: Children can work at their own pace during these sessions, but as part of the bronze section, they are expected to complete a number of different climbs in order to complete this level. Instructors will provide support and advice in order to assist them with each climb and the other elements of the bronze section.

A: Can my child not join the Bloc Masters straight away?
A: Our junior climbing programme is designed to allow children to develop at their own pace and provides pathways for each child’s needs. The PAYG sessions allow for new members to see if climbing is for them and to gain some regular climbing experience at our centre before moving on to more advanced skills which are taught at silver and gold level.

Q: I don’t have a Pay Pal account, do I have to book online?
A: You don’t need a Pay Pal account to use Pay Pal, a credit or debit card can also be used.

Q: Does my child have to participate in your scheme of work?
A: It is not compulsory to do the scheme of work. Children can still attend Club B:UK if they just want to come for a climb with supervision.