Junior Clubs

Junior Clubs


Currently, we are unable to deliver our full junior programme since re-opening the centre after the Coronavirus lockdown. We are working closely with the governing bodies for our sport in order to make the necessary changes to the centre to ensure all our customers and staff are safe.

We are taking this time to re-develop our junior programme to welcome our existing club members back and to make space for new interested climbers. We hope to roll out the new programme by Autumn, but please keep an eye on this page for further updates.


We deliver a comprehensive junior climbing programme with clear development pathways for every child that focuses on talent development.  Our junior awards scheme (ages 8+) allows young people to learn and progress at their own pace and are rewarded for their efforts with certificates and other incentives.

In order to join our programme, children who have no previous experience must complete a induction course relevant to their age.  Upon completion of this, they can then register with the centre and attend one of our club sessions which can be booked through this page.

Within the clubs, children will have the opportunity to continue to work towards our scheme of work. Upon completion of the bronze stage, juniors will be invited to attend one of our structured Bloc Masters sessions to progress their climbing skill.  These sessions are booked in 6 week blocks.  Please read below for further details: