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Plywood Masters 2023

What is the Plywood Masters?

The Plywood Masters is one of the most long-standing bouldering-only competitions in the UK.  The first event was held in 2003, when Boulder UK Blackburn first opened.   

The Plywood Masters is much more than just another bouldering competition; it is a community event with a fun and friendly atmosphere, where new and experienced climbers have the opportunity to climb alongside some of the biggest names in indoor and outdoor climbing in the UK.

What to expect this year


Time & Dates

Please note timings could slightly change


Saturday 4th March:

Doors open: 8:30am

Registration for qualifying session 1 opens: 9am

Qualification session 1: 10am-1pm

Registration for qualifying session 2 opens: 1:30pm

Qualification session 2: 2:30pm-5:30pm

Semi-final & final

Sunday 5th  March:

Doors open 8:30am

Isolation for semi-final opens-closes: 9am-9:30am

Semi-final: 11am-1:10pm

Isolation for Final opens-closes: 2:30pm-3pm

Final: 4pm-6pm


All rounds

  • Each problem has a pre designated starting position, consisting of two fixed positions for both hands and optionally two fixed positions for both feet. Starting holds must be clearly marked.
  • The finishing hold must be clearly marked.
  • A bonus point will be awarded for holding a specified hold. This hold must be clearly marked.
  • Brushes may be used by competitors to clean holds that may be reached from the ground. Other holds may be cleaned by competitors as long as there is no tactile inspection of the holds.
  • A technical incident is defined as; a broken or loose hold, or any other occurrence that results in a disadvantage or unfair advantage to a competitor, which is not the result of an action on the part of the competitor. The problem must be repaired and the competitor allowed another attempt on the problem.

Qualifying Round

  • Everyone will compete on the same 30 problems.
  • There is no isolation for this round. Competitors may watch and communicate with others.
  • Competitors mark their own score card. Any cheating will be dealt with in an incredibly embarrassing way for that person.
  • Competitors are allowed unlimited attempts on each problem. A successful first attempt is worth 10 points, a successful second attempt is worth 7 points, a successful third attempt is worth 4 points. Any successful attempt after 3 tries is worth 1 point.
  • After the qualifying round the competitors shall be ranked according to the total number of points scored.
  • The top 20 men and women (from all categories i.e. veterans and super veterans can progress to the semi-finals if they score enough points to be in the top 20) will progress to a semi-final round.

Semi Final Round

The semi-final round will be held on our La Sportiva competition wall in the same format as an IFSC world cup semi-final round. The top 6 men and women from this round will progress to the final later in the afternoon.

Final Round

The final will be the same format as a final in a World Cup bouldering competition with the rules set out on the IFSC website.



Below is registration for Plywood Masters 2023, if you are either a Direct Debit or annual pass member we would like to offer you a discounted entry price of £20 instead of £25, to claim this please register at reception.

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