School Sessions and courses

“Having access to a climbing wall, and using it, leads to a marked improvement of physical literacy in terms of balance, agility and coordination. Regularly climbing is a great form of exercise with many health benefits!”

The British Mountaineering Council

What We Offer

All sessions are led by our team of experienced climbing coaches who can tailor sessions to your group’s needs.


Taster Session

(Team building/ice breakers)
An instructed session which offers young people a true insight in to bouldering and the benefits involved. Taster sessions are ideal for teachers and young people to get to know their new year group or a fantastic end of term activity.


Duration Number of participants Price
1 hour 6 to 15 £11/person
1.5 hours 6 to 15 £13/person
1 hour 16 to 24 £9/person
1.5 hours 16 to 24 £10/person



These are suitable for groups who wish to experience the physical and mental benefits of bouldering to a greater level and work towards our performance scheme of work. Ideal for individuals completing GCSE P.E or Duke of Edinburgh award.


Course Course content
Key details Price
Induction course An entry-level award for candidates who wish to learn what bouldering is as a physical activity and how to use a bouldering wall safely. • x2 1-hour sessions

• Min 6, Max 24 participants

• Suitable for all primary, secondary and college students

Beginner boulderer

(bronze award)

Aimed at helping beginners understand how a bouldering wall works with an introduction to basic movement skills to improve.


• x3 1-hour sessions

• Min 6, Max 24 participants

• Suitable secondary school and college students


Competent boulderer

(start of silver award)

This is aimed at ensuring a candidate possesses the knowledge and skill to boulder safely and efficiently, subsequently allowing them to use any bouldering facility in a responsible manner. • x4 1-hour sessions

• Min 6, Max 20 participants

• Suitable for Year 9 and above




Why bouldering is good for young people

The NHS has identified climbing as one of the safest sports around when compared to other mainstream sports. Furthermore, the benefits for children’s physical and mental developments can be profound.

For younger children, bouldering is a fantastic way of improving motor skills and fundamental movement, whilst older children will build muscle, improve flexibility and coordination. However, it is not just the physical aspects of bouldering that can be beneficial to a young person’s development.

Bouldering can help develop concentration, determination and problem-solving skills. As young people start to improve, they will naturally want to push themselves and begin to set goals. Achieving these goals will increase their sense of achievement, which in turn will help build self-esteem and confidence.

Whilst climbing can be individual pursuit, it is also a very social sport. Young people will either be climbing with a group of schoolmates or alongside fellow wall users. They will help each other to solve problems and provide mutual support and encouragement. Climbing partners develop high level of trust through shared challenges and experiences which also promotes sportsmanship.

“Students respond well to climbing, especially those who are non-traditional team-based sports students.”

Mr Holme, St Barnabas and St Paul’s primary School