Teeny Rockers


We often get asked at what age can children start climbing, the youngest age we allow is 3 years old.  Many parents might not have the experience to supervise children or want to climb them self’s this is why we created our toddler climbing club, Teeny Rockers.

• For children aged 3 to 4 years old (info for children aged 5+)
• £7.50 (includes a drink of cordial and a biscuit)

These sessions are pre-bookable through our booking system below. No pre-induction is required by the parent/guardian/carer or child.

Climbing is a brilliant way for toddlers to have fun and develop their motor skills as well as strength, practicing rock climbing at such an early age can be especially beneficial for their development.

Bouldering allows children to build strength in their arms, legs and core.  It also helps develop balance coordination and stability.

Teeny Rockers focuses on being a fun session that incorporates climbing and play together to allow toddlers to utilise and develop key motor skills, introducing youngsters to specific climbing movements.  Its also a great way to get children to be more active and help put down tablets or other devices.

Sessions are led by qualified instructors and will take place in the junior section of the climbing wall. Parents/carers/guardians are encouraged to support with the supervision of their child throughout the session.


What you will need

  • Comfortable clothing (warm clothing in winter as the building can be chilly)
  • Clean trainers or P.E pumps to climb in

If you would like your toddler to experience indoor climbing in a fun safe environment, then book onto any of the forthcoming sessions below: