What is bouldering

Bouldering is a form of climbing close to the ground above matting, so ropes and harnesses are not required. It challenges the climber to complete short but technical boulder “problems” using strength, technique, power, balance and, most importantly, their brain! Indoor bouldering is arguably the most accessible form of climbing, requiring the least amount of equipment.

Bouldering is one of the few sports that uses the whole body and is therefore a great way to stay in shape, tone up and get fit. It also helps to improve key fundamental skills such as balance and flexibility and is becoming recognised for its benefits in promoting mental health and wellbeing of participants.

Climbs or ‘problems’ are graded upon difficulty using an international grading system. At Boulder UK, there are climbs for all abilities, from absolute beginners through to elite level climbers; our layout means that climbers of all abilities can enjoy climbing together on the same sections of wall.

Bouldering can be many things to different people. Many climbers solely boulder indoors as a way to keep fit; finding it a more interesting and stimulating alternative to the gym. Many climbers also use indoor bouldering as a way to train strength, power, technique and endurance for outdoor bouldering or route climbing.

For many Bouldering is not just a sport it is also a lifestyle. Whilst you can boulder alone it can also be a very sociable activity that people of all ages can participate in and enjoy. It is also a great way to meet new friends.

So, if you like a challenge, want a break from the gym or to simply try something new, then come and visit us at Boulder UK. With a dedicated, friendly and experienced team of staff, we don’t think that there is any where better to learn!