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Boulder UK 6th Birthday Party

Results and photos

Thanks to all that participated and came down to help us celebrate. In total we raised £750 for Ukraine.

Under 12s


Senior Female

Senior Male

Vets Male

What to expect this year

We are looking forward to celebrating our 6th birthday with the Boulder UK community on 23 September 23 and will have a wide range of different activities running at the centre, for you all to get involved in!

There will be a friendly comp with 20 blocs on the competition wall, running between 12 noon and 5pm, with prize-giving at 6pm.  Scorecards cost £5, with all proceeds going towards people impacted by the Ukraine conflict.  Participants will get free entry to the raffle.  

We will also have numerous surprise fun challenges set around the centre.

Free climbing workshops delivered by expert coaches (find out more and book here)

…and of course, it wouldn’t be a birthday without pizza, beer, cake and a DJ!

A fun and friendly competition set with our customers in mind on our La Sportiva Competition wall.

Everyone will compete on the same 20 problems.

Each problem has a pre-designated starting position, consisting of two fixed positions for both hands and optionally two fixed positions for both feet. Starting holds will be clearly marked.

Brushes may be used by competitors to clean holds that may be reached from the ground. Other holds may be cleaned by competitors as long as there is no tactile inspection of the holds.

This competition will be slightly different to normal. You will be able to try the problems as many times as you like, to attempt to complete the problem during the competition times.

Each problem will be broken down into sections. Points will be awarded for how high a competitor gets on each problem.

To claim a top of a problem the top hold must be held with 2 hands, in control.

10 points will be awarded if a competitor gets to the top of a problem on any attempt.

There will be 1 bonus point awarded if a competitor flashes the problem.

There will be numbers next to selected holds on each problem indicating how many points will be awarded for holding those particular holds in control.

Each competitor can only claim points for the highest scoring hold they reach for each problem, with a maximum of 11 points being awarded if the problem is flashed and 10 points if it is topped on any go after a flash go.


Under 12sMixed
16-50M + F
50+M + F


No Events


Please note timings could slightly change


Open 12:00pm

Workshops start 1:00pm

Pizza 4:00pm

Close 7:00pm


Climbing starts 12:00pm

Climbing finishes 5:00pm

Prizes 6:00pm

Raffle 6:15pm


Andy 1-2pm

Thea 2-3pm

Ester 3-4pm