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The Boulder UK team are passionate about bringing the benefits of climbing to people living in the surrounding area, particularly children and young people.

Bouldering has numerous proven benefits to health and wellbeing, including physical, mental/emotional and social benefits. 

We offer one-off taster sessions for classes or groups of students, or a bespoke block of climbing sessions.

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Find out more about the benefits of climbing below and our free taster sessions for schools, college and university staff.

Why come bouldering?

Incorporating bouldering into your curriculum can provide numerous benefits to children and young people, increasing their cultural capital and in doing so, powerfully addressing social disadvantage.  Involving them in climbing will support their personal growth and development and provides children and young people with the opportunity to discover new interests and talents. 

“Students respond well to climbing, especially those who are non-traditional team-based sports students.”

Mr Holme, St Barnabas and St Paul’s primary School

Physical benefits

Supports acquisition of new skills, improved balance, flexibility, fitness, muscular strength and endurance. 

Mental / emotional benefits

Increases sense of accomplishment, confidence, resilience and overall wellbeing; can help reduce stress and symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Social benefits

Provides a sense of community and promotes the development of positive relationships within a team.  Climbing is an intergenerational activity that encourages participants to value difference; people from all abilities and backgrounds participate alongside each other.

Personal development

Develops transferable skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, collaboration and communication skills.

Free bouldering taster sessions for schools, college and university staff

Sign-up for one of our free bouldering taster sessions now to gain first-hand experience of the benefits of climbing!

We run free taster sessions throughout the year, for staff working within the education sector with responsibility for organizing physical activities for children and young people (e.g. enrichment officer, Public Services and Sport / Physical Education teachers etc.). 

We offer one place per school, college, organisation at these events. 

As well as providing you with an introductory climbing session and direct experience of its many benefits, these events will also provide you with a valuable networking opportunity. 

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Boulder UK also run fun team-building taster sessions for staff from the same college, that can be accessed as part of your organisation’s continuous professional development programme.

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