Winter Bouldering League


The winter bouldering league is for everyone, all ages and abilities are able to compete. It presents an opportunity to challenge yourself on brand new boulder problems every month, throughout the winter on our fantastic competition wall.

The league is not just for those who wish to compete for the top prize, but rather anyone who enjoys the friendly and social atmosphere that comes with this style of competition!

30 problems will be set every month, you may take the whole month and have as many attempts as you like. Just remember to hand in your score card in before the problems are taken down.

How it works

Participants purchase a score card at any point during each round for £2. Make sure you hand your score card in before the next round begins. There will be 30 problems from V1 to V8+ to complete, you will be rewarded points based on how many attempts it takes you to complete the climb as follows:


1st attempt – 10 points
2nd attempt – 7 points
3rd attempt – 5 points
4 or more attempts – 2 point (you may work the moves in order to link the problem)

Cards are self-scored, however, this is a game on honesty! Your best 4 rounds will be added together to calculate your overall score for the league. All rounds last approx  4-5 weeks and you can come when ever and as often as you like to attempt the climbs for each individual round. The final round will be a one night event and prize giving.


Round 1 – 19th October
Round 2 – 2nd December
Round 3 – 4th January
Round 4 – 1st Febuary


Male – ages 15 plus
Female – ages 15 plus
Veterans – age 45 plus
Ages 12 – 14 (mixed gender)
Under 12s (mixed gender)


1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be rewarded with prizes from our sponsors. Each entry will be placed in to a raffle with a chance to win some exciting Boulder UK goodies.


Winter bouldering league 2019-20


Round Results


Round 1 Results

Round 2 results

Round 3 results

Round 4 results

Final results