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Meet the directors

We are all dedicated climbers passionate about sharing our love of the sport / lifestyle with new and experienced climbers who visit our Boulder UK. We believe we have created one of the best state-of-the-art climbing centres in the country, and hope you enjoy climbing here as much as we do. We look forward to meeting you at our climbing gym very soon!

Neil Mawson

Neil started climbing at the age of 14, developing into one of the UK’s finest all-round climbers. He has bouldered up to font 8a+, on-sighted up to 8a+ sport routes, climbed over 250 grade 8 sport routes, including numerous 8cs as well as the Pedigree Chum traverse (8c+) in Cheedale. In addition to this, he has also repeated many hard trad routes including Parthian Shot (E9 6c), Muy Caliente! (E9 6c) and numerous E8s around the country. In 2014 he did the first ascent of the hardest route in Pembroke, Choronzon E10 (8b+). As centre manager, alongside Gill, he hopes to provide one of the best training facilities in the North West for both experienced climbers and those new to the sport.

Tanya Meredith

Tanya only started climbing regularly in her mid-twenties when she moved to Lancashire and met Gill. As a teenager she used to compete nationally as a swimmer, which undoubtedly gave her the shoulders and a good base for climbing training! Her passion for the sport and dedication to training meant that she rapidly progressed in a variety of disciplines within the sport. Tanya has competed nationally, flashed up to 7c and red-pointed 8b sport routes, bouldered 7C and head-pointed E6/7 6c traditional routes. In 2014, she became the first female climber to complete the epic Traverse of the Gods at Longridge (8b+).

Team members