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Coaching & training plans

Coaching and training is perfect for any climber seeking to improve their performance on rock or indoors at the climbing gym.

Our coaches can identify key weaknesses within your physical, technical or mental ability.  They can then offer solutions to help you overcome these issues and progress.

Coaching is beneficial for all climbers, from beginners right through to elite level athletes.  Having an expert impartial observer allows climbers to identify key strengths and weaknesses within their movement on the wall, that they may not notice or misidentify. 

Initially a movement assessment session is required, this allows the coach to better understand the climber.

After this coaches will offer advice and support to progress and further your climbing ability.  This is especially useful for those who have plateaued or seem to struggle to make progress.

Coaching sessions can be run as frequently or infrequently depending on the climber and their ability. 

Testing is a more specific way of assessing the basic physical strengths or weaknesses.  This can provide more insight into, and explain why, certain movements, styles of climbing or holds cause issues for the climber.

Testing includes grip strength assessment in different positions, along with power endurance and body strength.

Testing does not need to be completed often, but is useful for providing a benchmark to work from and track progress.

A training plan provides a structured means of improving as a climber.  Each plan is specifically tailored to meet each individual’s needs and desired outcomes.  Each plan lasts 1 month, each subsequent plan builds on and evolves to allow continual progression.  

Plans will also be tailored around each individual’s amount of free time and other life commitments.     

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