Juniors and clubs

Find out how juniors can access our centre or join our junior climbing clubs

Ages 3-7

  • Must be supervised by an adult registered climber or centre instructor.
  • Can only climb in our beginner area when supervised by a registered climber.
  • Ages 4-5 can join our Teeny Rockers club.

Ages 8-13

  • Must be supervised by an adult registered climber or centre instructor.
  • Can join our junior clubs after completing a junior induction.
  • GB or academy team members can climb unsupervised upon successful completion of a junior competency test.

Ages 14-16

  • Must be supervised by an adult registered climber or centre instructor, or complete a First Visit Induction to climb unsupervised. Click here for further info.
  • Experienced climbers (those who regularly attend a centre club or other centre) can climb unsupervised upon successful completion of a junior competency test.

Junior Climbing Programme

We deliver a comprehensive junior climbing programme with clear development pathways for every child that focus on performance and climbing development. The full structure of our junior climbing programme can be found below. We aim to support each child’s needs and help them achieve their goals whether this is simply reaching for the top, perfecting a heel hook or achieving the next grade up.

Please note that our junior climbing programme has proved very popular since re-opening after the pandemic. All clubs are currently at full capacity but we are hoping to increase availability as and when. To register your interest for our junior programme, please email us with your child’s details and we can add you to our waiting list.

Teeny Rockers (4-5)

Climbing is a brilliant way for infants to have fun and develop their motor skills as well as strength. Practising rock climbing at such an early age can be especially beneficial for their development.

Teeny Rockers is a fun session that incorporates climbing and play together to allow infants to utilise and develop key motor skills and introduce them to specific climbing movements.  

Cost: 4 week block £24

BUK Minis (6-7)

A fun club for juniors who are not quite old enough to join our main clubs. These sessions focus on the fundamental skills of climbing, such as balance and coordination, which are practised through fun climbing games and challenges.

Cost: 4 week block £24.

To join a regular club session, a Mini Induction must be completed. This is a 1 hour induction that covers the do’s and don’ts and how it all works.

Cost: £15/child

Bloc Masters (8-16)

Our main regular weekly junior club which are split by age and ability. Within the club, juniors can continue to work through the awards scheme at their own pace under the support of a centre instructor.

Cost: 4 week block £24.

To join a regular club session, a 2 week Junior Induction must be completed.

Cost: £35/child


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Development squad & academy

Development Squad

Our team of coaches always look for young people keen to progress or show potential to improve. We invite these children to progress to our Development Squad, which runs twice per week in smaller groups with one of our Squad coaches. The focus is on performance enhancement and to support individuals with their specific needs, whether competing regionally or learning to train.


Boulder UK Academy is a small group of our most talented climbers who represent Boulder UK on the competition scene.

Directors Gill Peet and Ian Vickers are the head coaches, together they have coached many juniors to GB standard. Both have competed at an international level and enjoy sharing their experiences with the young people they coach to help them achieve their goals; whether that be a competition climber or excel in the outdoor world.

Hear from one of our members

Name: Emily Ollerton

Age: 14

Emily is a member of the Boulder UK academy and has worked her way through our junior programme since the age of 10. Her natural ability and passion to be better stood out to our team of coaches and she was initially invited on to our Development Sqd. Since then, she has now been selected to represent our Academy and is now competing at regional and national competitions.

How did you get into bouldering?

Growing up, I quickly developed a passion for climbing. Whether it be frames, trees or fences, I would always find a way to scramble to the top. Deciding to put that passion to use, my parents finally signed me up for the kids club at Boulder UK, Blackburn, the old centre and I immediately fell in love with the concept and challenge of it. The kids club was a great place to start; it had a laid back but fun atmosphere.

What do you like most about bouldering at Boulder UK?

Since climbing with Boulder UK for around five years, one thing has remained the same and what has made me stick with this sport is the route-setting. They are always challenging and they have a range of climbs so no matter if you’re a beginner or experienced, you can always keep pushing yourself, more so than at other centres that I have climbed at.

What is your proudest achievement to date?

My proudest achievement is winning the Northwest and Lakes Youth Climbing Series in 2020. The reason was mainly due to the fact I was afraid of lead falls but, with support from my coaches, I was able to cope and successfully win the leading and bouldering rounds

Why should other children get into bouldering?

Bouldering has many qualities, it is a relaxed atmosphere where you can make friends easily and have fun whilst improving your fitness, strength and flexibility as well as burn off lot of energy. It is also something to look forward to, that isn’t school!


Q: How do I enrol on to a club after the induction

A: After your child has completed their induction, you will receive an email the following week detailing all the information you and your child needs, and which clubs have availability and how to enrol. Once enrolled onto a club, an email is sent out on week 4 of each block for you to re-enrol and make payment through a hidden page on our website.

Q: Can I know which clubs will be available prior to booking an induction?

A: You can email us for a rough idea for which days have availability, however, these may not be the same for when your child completes their induction.

Q: I will miss 1 week of a block, can I pay for just the 3 weeks?

A: The idea behind the block payment is to encourage regular attendance and secure your child’s place on your chosen day and time. If your child will be missing more than a few weeks, such as for a holiday, you may not want to re-enrol, but you may be at risk of losing your preferred day/time.

Q: What happens if there are no spaces on the club I want?

A: We will add your child to a waiting list for your preferred day/time, and contact you as soon as a space becomes available. This is usually no longer than 1 month.

Q: Can I book onto multiple classes?

A: Children can join as many clubs as they wish, depending on availability. However, many children will attend a club one day of the week for a structured session with an instructor, and climb under the supervision of a parent a different day. This is an excellent way to improve ability, as children can learn in their club and then practise what they learnt independently, improving performance and confidence.

Q: What should my child wear to climb in?

A: We recommend comfy sportswear that they can move around in freely. It can be cold in the centre during the winter months, so long sleeves may be best. Hire shoes are included in the price for children on clubs.

Q: How does my child get into the development squad or academy?

A: Young people must climb at a particular grade for their age to progress to the Development Squad or Academy. As well as demonstrate a passion to improve or an interest in competitions. If one of our coaches identifies that a child should progress to the next stage, they will receive an invitation to the development squad for more tailored and focused climbing lessons. 

Q: Do I have to pay online?

A: We would prefer an online payment, but if you are unable to do this, please contact us for an alternative method.

Q: My child climbs at another centre but wants to transfer to Boulder UK.

A: We can arrange a private meet and greet session with your child to assess their currently level and introduce them to our centre before advising on which clubs they could join.