Plywood Masters Youth


The Plywood Masters is one of the most long-standing bouldering-only competitions in the UK.  The first event was held back in 2003, when Boulder UK Blackburn first opened.  The Plywood Masters is much more than just another bouldering competition; it is a community event, where new and experienced climbers have the opportunity to climb alongside some of the biggest names in indoor and outdoor climbing in the UK.

The problems are also set by two very experienced and legendary route setters, Ian Vickers and Jamie Cassidy; both have an impressive route-setting CV, having set at numerous national and international competitions.

Finally, the Plywood Masters event is also well-known for having a fun, friendly Lancashire atmosphere and now that we have settled into our new premises at Walton Summit, it is about to get even bigger and better!

So why don’t you come down and experience this great event for yourself by entering this year’s competition.


Event Information

This event is for Youth A, B, C, D age categories.  Competitors will have the opportunity to attempt 8 boulder problems in the qualifications, with a maximum of 5 attempts on each problem.  Each competitor will receive a score card which will be used by the judge to mark down on which attempt the climb was completed.  The top 6 highest scoring competitors in A, B and C category’s will then proceed to the final and battle it out on 4 boulder problems.



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competitor categories

Category Year of birth
Youth A 2002-2003
Youth B 2004-2005
Youth C 2006-2007
Youth D 2008-2009



The format of the qualifying round is based on the standard IFSC bouldering qualification round, with problems to be attempted within a set time period with no isolation.  The final has an isolation period and problems are to be attempted on-sight, with a set number, sequence, climbing period and rest period.

All rounds

  • Each problem has a predesignated starting position, consisting of two fixed positions for both hands and optionally two fixed positions for both feet.  Starting holds will be clearly marked.
  • The finishing hold will be clearly marked.
  • A zone point will be awarded for holding a specified hold in a controlled manner.  This hold will be clearly marked.
  • Brushes may be used by competitors to clean holds that may be reached from the ground.
  • Other holds may be cleaned by competitors as long as there is no tactile inspection of the holds.
  • Only starting holds may be held before making an attempt at a problem.
  • An attempt is successful when the finishing hold is held controlled with both hands and a judge says OK.

Qualifying Round

  • Qualification will follow the IFSC youth qualification format.
  • There is no isolation for this round. Competitors may watch and communicate with others.
  • Competitors hand score cards to judges before each attempt, judges mark the score card and hand back to competitor.
  • Competitors are allowed five attempts on each problem.
  • Ranking will be determined by:
        • 1st, In descending order, the number of successfully completed boulders (“TOPS”).
        • 2nd, in descending order, the total number of zone points gained by the competitor.
        • 3rd, in ascending order, the total number of attempts to complete these boulders.
        • 4th, in ascending order, the total number of attempts to achieve these zone points.

Final Round

  • Final round will take the top 6 competitors form A, B and C
  • 4 final problems
  • Ranking follows the same rules as qualification but no limit on attempts



Please note that organisers may alter or extend times depending on number of entries.

10 am – 11 am: Check-in and warm-up

11 am – 1:30 pm: Qualification round

1:30 pm – 2:20 pm: Lunch

2:20 pm – 2:30 pm: Youth D Prizes

2:30 pm – 3:30 pm: Isolation for finalists

4:00 pm – 7:00 pm: Final

7:00 pm: Final prizes



1st, 2nd and 3rd from A and B will receive cash prizes and / or vouchers.

1st, 2nd and 3rd from C and D will receive product prizes from our sponsors.



No parents are allowed on the mats during qualification or finals, youth D problems will be set accordingly to allow for parental observation.  It is free to come along and watch the final meaning anyone is able see some of the best climbers in the UK battle it out for the title of Plywood Master!


Please note the centre will be closed for public climbing on 13th of July 2019.